Valley of the Sun Real Estate Services

A life-long Valley of the Sun resident with nearly two decades of professional real estate experience, John Dean isn't your run-of-the-mill real estate agent.
He brings a keen eye, sharp mind, quick wit and compassionate soul to situations that sorely need it. John understands that investors, sellers, buyers and renters all deserve the respect, honesty, investment of time and high-level of service that he unfalteringly delivers day-in and day-out.
Just as critically, his wife Cyndi is there every step of the way, providing indispensable support, service and unstoppable attention to the finest of details. She is the foundation of the John T. Dean Realty One team.
For those seeking an extra edge in evaluating properties, John likewise brings 18 years of experience as a licensed contractor to the table. When he says a wall can be moved to open up space, you can rest assured that you're hearing the words of a man experienced in working with Arizona's sometimes unique construction methods, developers and subcontractors.